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Environmental safety is our number one priority. Founded by a lifelong naturalist & organic gardener, we take pesticide & pollinator safety seriously. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to solve pest issues while avoiding hazards to the ecosystem, and of course your family & pets.

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Where Habitat Conservation Meets Pest Control

Uniquely Portland Pest Control

Every neighbor who chooses Pest & Pollinator helps reduce pollution, improve pollinator & wildlife habitat, and advocate for native ecosystems regeneration.

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How can we help you?

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IPM, Integrated Pest Management diagram, inverted. At the top is tolerance level, descending to food & habitat modification, mechanical removal, bio control & lastly chemical. Integrated Pest Management is how farmers, gardeners, homeowners, food handlers and many others get the best pest control naturally.

Integrated Pest Management

This 5 step method considers all options before using chemicals to manage pests. Many household & garden pests can be controlled by adjusting their food & habitat, natural predators, or with other non-chemical techniques. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the best way to get natural pest control.

How can we help you today?

Mouse Control

Finding mice or evidence of them? We’ll help you get natural mouse control with IPM.

Rat Control

Portland rat control is a serious issue. Let us solve any rat issues with care and compassion.

Wildlife Control

Sometimes we need wildlife control for raccoons, skunks, or opossums that live too close.

Animal Control

Do you hear a noise or smell something strange? Call us, we can help with home invading animal control.

Ant Control

We specialize in protecting pollinators while effectively controlling ant pests.

Spider Control

Spider control depends on strong knowledge of their biology, then using IPM to get rid of spiders.

Wasp Control

Yellowjackets & paper wasps aren’t fun to get stung by. We can help with natural wasp control.

Flea Control

If fleas are jumping and biting, let us help with a safe IPM strategy for flea control at home.


We are licensed and trained to handle issues with just about anything. From carpenter ant and rat removal to invasive weed and plant disease control. We offer organic and chemical free pest control options for most services.

Habitat Restoration

Plant native species to encourage birds and pollinators naturally.

Plant health boost

Healthy, green yards make great habitat. We feed soil and plants the organic things they want.

Pest exclusion

We find where pests enter and repair or seal entry points to prevent pest issues in the future.

preventative inspections

Have the peace of mind knowing there aren’t any openings in your home for rats to enter.

Squirrel Control

Invasive squirrel control is important to prevent damage to Portland homes.

Mole & Gopher Control

Get affordable, professional mole & gopher control in Portland.

Raccoon Control

We offer raccoon eviction, exclusion and removal services for many situations.

Beaver Management

Our ecology background informs our beaver removal and management services.

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IPM, Integrated Pest Management diagram, inverted. At the top is tolerance level, descending to food & habitat modification, mechanical removal, bio control & lastly chemical. Integrated Pest Management is how farmers, gardeners, homeowners, food handlers and many others get the best pest control naturally.

How To Keep Pests Away

We offer a unique Urban Wildlife Habitat Inspection. You won’t find this at other Portland exterminator companies. We’ll complete an official habitat inspection of your backyard to determine if there are opportunities to improve native wildlife & pollinator habitat and avoid issues with invasive species & pests. Download our Urban Wildlife Habitat Inspection (UWHI) form below:

Download UWHI Form

Urban Wildlife Habitat Inspection form .pdf

5 Star Customer Service.

From the first phone call to the final follow up, I appreciate you for choosing Pest & Pollinator. I am thorough, trustworthy, friendly and have the knowledge and skills to provide excellent service. My services are dynamic & creative. If there’s a permanent IPM solution that protects your home, pollinators and the environment at the same time, I’ll create it for you. Let’s change the way we do things.

-Keith Chaloux, Owner / IPM Specialist • Pest & Pollinator LLC