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Pest & Pollinator provides experienced & proven extermination– committed to getting great results with safe, natural & organic pest control methods. Using the power of Integrated Pest Management, we can solve pest problems, reduce pesticide pollution & protect biodiversity together.

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–Keith Chaloux, Owner / Operator

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Our most popular services:

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Natural Rodent Control

Call us about natural solutions to rats & mice, getting entry points sealed, and advice for long-term strategy.

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No Spray Ant Control

We help remove sugar ants & carpenter ants from your house without ever spraying a drop. Easy & safe for people, pets & kids.

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Organic Wasp Control

We’ll help you get rid of wasps, yellow jackets & hornets with natural & chemical-free treatment.

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Safe for the Environment

You can trust the safety of our services. We’re the first Portland pest control company to achieve Green Shield Certified. We’re evaluated by the IPM Institute of North America, so your pest problem is solved with customized techniques, eco-safe products, and without unnecessary toxic pesticides. Our services are backyard habitat-friendly and are designed to be safe for you, your kids, pets, pollinators & wildlife.

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IPM – The Key to Organic Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the best way to get effective & organic pest control. Many pests can be managed by monitoring, adjusting their food & habitat, encouraging natural predators, or with other non-toxic pest control techniques.

IPM, Integrated Pest Management diagram, inverted. At the top is tolerance level, descending to food & habitat modification, mechanical removal, bio control & lastly chemical. Integrated Pest Management is how farmers, gardeners, homeowners, food handlers and many others get the best pest control naturally.
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Nate Wilson-Traisman
Nate Wilson-Traisman
Keith was wonderful to work with. He understood our concerns about traditional pesticide use and worked with us to find a solution that solved our carpenter ant issue without jeopardizing the health of our garden and pollinators. He's also a down-to-earth guy and wasn't pushy at all. Highly recommend.
Max Macdonald
Max Macdonald
I’ve had wasps living in my hot tub mechanisms for two years. I’ve tried opening it up to find their nest and using other at home remedies to no avail. I contacted pest and pollinators, and Keith come out and took care of the wasps in the same day, without needing to even take apart the hot tub. Would 100% recommend.
Kristl Bridge
Kristl Bridge
Pest & Pollinator has been taking care of our home and business for years - they’re the best!
St. Stephen Catholic Church PDX
St. Stephen Catholic Church PDX
Thank you Keith. You were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.
Norah Jean
Norah Jean
Keith has been great in helping me defeat the ever annoying and prevalent little black ants in my new unit. Keith is friendly, communicative and answers all of my questions. Definitely recommend!
Tasha Stanion
Tasha Stanion
I love this company as an option for pest control in Portland. I’m working on getting my Backyard Habitat certification and wanted a company that does the IPM pest control method. Let’s protect our local pollinators while still keeping pests out. Additionally, Keith is great. He’s responsive and professional. I recommend using this company’s services!
Emily Sandstrom
Emily Sandstrom
Great and helpful experience with Keith. He was very knowledgeable and thorough and respectful of my specific needs.
Deanna Schindler-Ord
Deanna Schindler-Ord
Keith is fantastic! He was on the same page as me when I asked for help with the ants, but wanted to be sure the spiders, bees & butterflies would be safe. We recently had a random infestation of moths that he helped identify & treat. Highly recommend!
Brandon Loveland
Brandon Loveland
Keith is excellent, thorough, and I highly recommend him for any pest control needs. Very nice guy and extremely professional.

About Me

Independent. Eco Friendly Pest Management.

Locally Owned & Operated. Portland Small Business.

Licensed. Bonded. Insured. Certified.

Keith Chaloux

Owner / Operator • Pest & Pollinator LLC

For over a decade, Keith has been managing habitat around Portland Oregon. First as an ecological restoration crew for Ash Creek Forest Management LLC, he gained valuable hands-on experience with ecology & native plants.

In 2016, Keith was licensed for tree, turf & shrub care, wildlife control, and pest control for just about anything. From blackberry, ivy, spiders to rats, experience showed there’s a common thread. When native species are protected, the ecosystem seems to function better and do it’s own pest control.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) helps to protect the natural systems that sustain biodiversity.

In early 2021 he left Pioneer Pest Management to start Pest & Pollinator LLC with a mission to promote habitat restoration & provide safe IPM solutions in the pest control industry.

In his free time Keith likes to look at bugs in his organic garden, explore the outdoors, and stand in the front at local Portland shows.

Feel free to browse free DIY pest control tips on his blog Northwest Pest Digest,

Or give him a call or email to learn more about getting custom eco-friendly integrated pest management solutions near Portland today.

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Pest and Pollinator contact information phone 9712319945 email info@pestandpollinator.com
Pest and Pollinator contact information phone 9712319945 email info@pestandpollinator.com
Pest and Pollinator contact information phone 9712319945 email info@pestandpollinator.com
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Friendliest in the Northwest.

We’re Oregon’s–and the PNW’s–only Green Shield Certified pest control company by the IPM Institute of North America. We care about your health & safety and sustainability. You can feel confident when choosing Pest & Pollinator that we’re protecting your family, pets, and planet better.

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