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The Pest Control Portland Needs

Pest control safety is our number one priority. Founded by lifelong naturalist & avid organic gardener, we take pesticide & pollinator safety seriously. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to solve pest issues fast, while avoiding hazards to the environment, and of course your family & pets.

If you’re looking for safe, effective, eco-friendly rodent, spider, ant, wildlife or pest control in Portland OR, contact us, for trustworthy & friendly service today!

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Keith Chaloux

Keith Chaloux

Owner / IPM Specialist

For nearly a decade, Keith has been managing habitat around Portland Oregon. First as an ecological restoration crew member for Ash Creek Forest Management LLC, he gained valuable hands-on experience with native plants, ecology and botany. Working up to crew leader, then botanical specialist, his passion earned him a 2 Year Botanical Certification.

In 2016, Keith was licensed for wildlife, tree, turf & shrub care, and pest control for just about anything. Feeling mixed feelings about being an exterminator, he called on his experience with native habitats; how when native species were restored the ecosystem seemed to function better and do it’s own pest control. Integrated Pest Management is the method to work with nature to create safe solutions for pest & invasive issues.

He started Pest & Pollinator in 2021 to promote habitat restoration in Portland backyards, provide safer, more eco-conscious pest control and to elevate IPM in the pest control industry.

In his free time Keith likes to look at bugs in his organic garden, explore the outdoors, and stand in the front at local Portland shows. Give him a call or email to learn more about integrated wildlife & pest management for Portland.


How To Keep Pests Away

Pest & Pollinator offers interested customers a unique Urban Wildlife Habitat Inspection. You won’t find this at other Portland exterminator companies. We’ll complete an official habitat inspection of your backyard to determine if there are opportunities to improve native wildlife & pollinator habitat and avoid issues with invasive species & pests.

Every neighbor who chips in to reduce pesticide pollution and install native plants for pollinators & wildlife helps restore critical habitat connectivity. Portland’s sustainability depends on creating these hearty and healthy backyard ecosystems.

Let’s change the way we do things.

Keith Chaloux, Owner / IPM Specialist – Pest & Pollinator LLC

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