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Excellent pest control service is our passion. Biodiversity conservation is our priority. Founded by a lifelong naturalist & organic gardener, we always use IPM to solve pest issues efficiently, while protecting pollinators & the environment.

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We specialize in protecting pollinators while effectively controlling ant, spider & insect pests.

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Call us for custom strategies for dealing with wild animals that are living too close.

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Safe for Kids, Pets & Pollinators

We’re the first pest control company in Oregon to achieve the rigorous Green Shield Certification. We work harder to keep people, pets and the ecosystem safe, genuinely solving pest problems with expert training & eco-safe products to protect your family & the planet from needless pesticide spraying.

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Wondering how to keep rats away from bird feeders, or about pet safe ant control? Get real solutions here. Read our blog NW Pest Digest to learn more.

7 Powerful Resources to Help You Reduce Pesticide Use

The key to reducing pesticide use is having access to good information about pest control. We've taken a moment to compile a list of all the great resources for pest control professionals and landowners to reference when deciding how to reduce pesticide use. Solve Pest Problems Solve Pest Problems is very detailed, easy-to-use guide for pest control information. Launched in 2022 by Oregon State University, this resource focuses on providing access to science-based information to the general...

Top 5 Best Pet Safe Ways to Control Roaches

Got creepy-crawlie cockroaches? Curious whether roach sprays are safe for pets, or if there is a pet-friendly roach bomb? Luckily it's the 21st century of pest control. If you read these tips, you'll learn how to control roaches without exposing your pets to pesticide sprays or residues.Roach Control that's Safe for Pets To get rid of cockroaches without exposing your pets to chemicals, we need to understand how roaches work: Cockroaches multiply quickly. According to UCIPM "a single female...

How to Deter Beaver Mischief with Beaver Exclusion Fencing

Searching for answers how to get rid of beavers? There could be a more permanent solution than hiring a beaver exterminator. If beaver dams are eating your trees, flooding your property, or blocking your culvert, beaver exclusion fencing might be right for you.Getting Rid of BeaversIn the 18th and 19th centuries, North American beavers were trapped nearly to their extinction for their valuable furs. Now beaver populations are rebounding, and they're finding roads and buildings in the historic...

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs With Essential Oils

Brown marmorated stink bugs. You're frustrated with big brown bugs on the outside of your house? It's probably these guys. In Fall, brown marmorated stink bugs search for warm crevices in which to shelter overwinter.Remedies to Get Rid of Stink Bugs NaturallyIf you're wondering how to eliminate marmorated stink bugs, you're not alone. These stink bugs are invasive pests, destroying crops like apples, pears, corn, peas, tomatoes, peppers and soybeans, as well as invading homes and businesses....

How To Prevent Rats From Eating Car Wires

Scrolling for good information on how to prevent rats from eating car wires? You're not alone. Across the nation, rats are chewing car wires and causing hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Here's what one Portland rat exterminator recommends you should do:How to Avoid Rats in Your CarTo avoid rats nesting in your car and chewing on the wires, you need to get control of the rats outside.  This can be tricky if there is trash nearby, bird feeders or chicken coops in the...

Devastating Discovery of Emerald Ash Borer in Oregon

Anxious environmentalists have been dreading the arrival of emerald ash borer in Oregon. Sadly, on June 30th 2022, the presence of emerald ash borer in Oregon was found by a Portland biologist picking his children up from summer camp.Emerald Ash Borer OregonFor folks from Michigan, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and the 32 other US states where emerald ash borer have devastated up to 99% of ash trees, the seriousness of emerald ash borer in Oregon is clear. Emerald ash borer in Oregon threatens our...

The Complete Guide to Pet Safe Ant Control

If you're like me, you go to ridiculous lengths to keep your beloved pet safe and happy. Many pet owners tolerate ants year after year because of unanswered questions about pet safe ant control. This complete pet safe ant exterminator's guide will answer all those questions to keep your pet safe and your home ant-free.Pet Safe Ant Removal Pet safe ant removal begins with understanding ants and how they work: Ants live in large colonies. Colonies can range in size from hundreds to 50,000+. So,...

Cleaning Away The Mice (Guest Blog by Grove Pest Control)

This guest-post was originally written by our fellow eco-friendly Pest Control operator Erik Johnson of Grove Pest Control out of Calgary Canada. Enjoy!Cleaning is the number one weapon against mice in the house. You can clean the mice right out! Maybe not literally, but you won’t find a more effective method. Since mice are avid hoarders of crumbs, trapping and baiting is impossible without a good clean.How to Prevent Mice in HomeMaybe you're thinking: "My house is clean! I vacuum twice a...

Invasive Squirrels in Oregon: The Dangerous Cost of Squirrel Feeding

When it comes to squirrels in Oregon, we love to go nuts. Daydreaming while watching squirrels can be a welcomed distraction. Many folks even feed squirrels to get a better glimpse. But there's a few reasons why we shouldn't feed squirrels in Oregon. Let's take a look — Squirrels in OregonWhat Types of Squirrels are in Oregon? Native squirrels in Oregon are Western gray squirrels, Douglas squirrels, red squirrels and Townsend's chipmunk. But native squirrels are extremely rare in Portland....

Does Bird Seed Attract Rats? This Research Suggests Yes

Out of the corner of your eye, you see a wiggling brown blob on the feeder. Wait, that's not a bird. It's a big fat rat. If you're wondering if the bird seed is attracting rats, and how to stop it, you're not alone. We wondered the same thing, so we compiled data from 9 months of rodent services at houses with and without bird feeders.Are Rats Attracted to Bird Seed?This can be a controversial topic. So we set out to answer the question whether bird seed attracts rats or not.  We presented our...
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We’re genuine professionals with proven results. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. If we can’t solve your pest issue thoroughly, we’ll come back until you are satisfied, or refund the cost of your last follow up service.

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IPM, Integrated Pest Management diagram, inverted. At the top is tolerance level, descending to food & habitat modification, mechanical removal, bio control & lastly chemical. Integrated Pest Management is how farmers, gardeners, homeowners, food handlers and many others get the best pest control naturally.

What’s IPM?

This 5 step method considers all options before using chemicals to manage pests. Many household & garden pests can be controlled by adjusting their food & habitat, natural predators, or with other non-chemical techniques. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the best way to get natural pest control.

How to improve pollinator habitat:

Habitat Restoration

Plant native species to encourage birds and pollinators naturally.

Plant Health Boost

Healthy, green yards make great habitat. We feed soil and plants the organic food & medicine they want.

Real Eco-Friendly Pest Control Services, Portland OR

Need safe, effective & affordable pest control service?  From ants & mice to beaver management & tree of heaven control. Let's get it taken care of for you. Our unique expertise allows us to offer effective chemical-free & all natural pest control options for many services.

Now Accepting Happy Customers.

Ben Staton
Ben Staton
Keith was super prompt, knowledgeable, considerate, and professional - only started using this business but I'm confident we will have good results!
Brianna Swilling
Brianna Swilling
We just moved into our new home and discovered an obscene amount of spiders in our basement. Luckily, Keith answered our call and swiftly came to our house to take care of the spiders. He was super friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. I’m grateful he uses sprays that are pollinator friendly, and he even sent links for local nurseries that sell native plants! He also gave recommendations for keeping spiders away from the home. All in all, a great experience. If you are eco-conscious, but also don’t want creepy crawlies taking up space in your home, I highly recommend Pest & Pollinator!
Mike Shults
Mike Shults
We had a rat infestation in our house for about a year and we tried to take on the job ourselves and it was brutal. The rats kept outsmarting us. We didn't want to hire one of the big name pest control companies in our area because all their treatment options also target butterflies, honey bees, humming birds and other desirable "pests". We hired Keith from Pest & Pollinator LLC because he only targets the undesirable pests. After only 3 treatments, our home is now free of rodents and our garden, flowers, butterflies, honey bees, dogs, cats and goats are still thriving because Keith's treatment techniques have a high specificity to only kill the target pests. I recommend Keith to anyone who has a pest problem and also cares about the environment. He thinks like a pest and is able to outsmart them while avoiding collateral damage.
Maddie Norman
Maddie Norman
Great to work with a pest control company who I know cares about doing the least damage to our ecosystems. On top of that, clear communication, honest, and good prices!
John T
John T
Todd Gluckman
Todd Gluckman
Keith was super nice, responsive, and successful. Thanks, Keith!
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales
We had a rat die in our crawl space on a trap so we called Keith to inspect where the rat entered the house. He quickly identified and fixed the location and explained that it was just a single rat instead of an infestation. Throughout his visit, he showed the utmost professionalism and deep knowledge of rodent control. I would highly recommend Keith to anyone dealing with pests in Portland.
Domenique Hill
Domenique Hill
Brianne Cooper
Brianne Cooper
I greatly appreciated the fast and thorough response. We suddenly had a terrible smell in our house that we discovered was linked to the crawl space under our house. When we reached out Keith was able to come the next day and the smell was gone with in 24 hours. He also provided us a thorough assessment and plan on how to keep this from occurring again. The plan was executed with success at a very reasonable price. Thank you!
Michael Limb (something15525)
Michael Limb (something15525)
Keith is a pleasure to work with and we've been working together to get rid of some ants. Treatment is still in progress, but so far so good! He is on time, doesn't rush and is happy to explain all of the details of what he's doing. Very knowledgeable and friendly!
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5 Star Service

From your first phone call to the final follow up, I appreciate you for supporting Pest & Pollinator. I am hardworking, trustworthy, friendly and have the knowledge & skills to provide you with excellent results. If there’s a permanent IPM solution that protects your home or business, pollinators and the environment at the same time, I’ll personally create it for you. Give me a call. Together, let’s change the way we do this.

-Keith Chaloux, Owner / IPM Specialist • Pest & Pollinator LLC