8 Natural Spider Repellents And How to Use Them

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Pest, Spider Control

When looking for the best natural spider repellents, there’s actually lots of great options. We’ll look at a few things you can do besides spraying for spiders that will really help too. To get the best spider pest control, you have to outsmart and outwit the spiders before they can sneak up on you.

Why Do We Want Natural Spider Repellents?

We evolved to be afraid of spiders. Poisonous spiders would have been a significant hazard to early people where there are more venomous species. Luckily in the Portland area, spider exterminators rarely find dangerous spiders.

  • Black widows are known to live around the Portland Metro, but are very uncommon.
  • Although brown recluse spiders’ native range is in the Southern US, someone told me they knew someone in Camas who had a brown recluse bite.
  • Both potentially bad species are generally solitary, non-aggressive and stay hidden away where we won’t ever find them. Portland spider exterminators would be the first to know, and we rarely if ever see Black Widow spiders.

In general, a vast majority of Portland spiders are harmless.

Spider Repelling Plants

For orb weavers strung up along your landscape, it may not make sense to spray for spiders. They are a seasonal issue in the late fall. Since spiders walk on tiny claws and do not groom themselves, spraying for spiders is rarely effective. Before spraying for spiders outside, try adding spider repelling plants like lavender, thyme, citronella or mint.

Interestingly, lavender is attractive to bees and pollinators. So if you want honey bees but not spiders, lavender is an incredible landscaping & garden plant.

Sometimes the dense exotic evergreens we favor for landscapes unfortunately provide abundant spider habitat. Consider making room for native shrubs and trees to increase local birds and other predators who will come for native habitat and stay for your juicy orb weavers.

Spider on web on a eerie red background

Best Natural Spider Repellents

For spiders inside the home, try the following essential plant oil based products as directed. Many essential oils are all natural organic pesticides which can repel spiders and kill them on contact. The following plant oils are active ingredients in some of the best natural spider repellent products:

  1. Citronella
  2. Thyme
  3. Citrus
  4. Peppermint
  5. Lemongrass
  6. Cedar
  7. Lavender
  8. Tea tree

Always do your research and use caution when using essential oil based products. Stronger products have the potential to irritate skin, eyes or lungs for sensitive people or pets if applied incorrectly. Sometimes natural pesticides can actually have higher acute toxicity to humans and pets than man-made ones. If you have infants, small pets, birds, fish or someone with respiratory conditions in the home, use extra caution when using essential oil sprays.

Treat baseboards, corners, crevices, crawlspaces, and underneath furniture to repel spiders. Anywhere where webs or spiders are noticed. Spray directly onto any live spiders you see. Products containing essential oils are less likely to kill if they don’t contact the spider directly.

Expect that there will be a noticeable odor when using natural spider repellents with essential oil active ingredients. If a heavy odor is not acceptable, you may choose a professional exterminator for spiders whose synthetic products are designed not to volatilize like many essential oils do.

Organic Pest Control

Folks want organic & all-natural pest control. Besides essential oils, diatomaceous earth is another organic compound which can be effective against lots of different pests.

You Will Probably Still See Spiders

As with any spider treatment, it’s extremely difficult to make all spiders disappear. So we should expect to see these beneficial insect eaters pop in to bug us every now and again.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Instead of looking for a cure-all, using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) will give you the best natural spider control results. Seal any large cracks or gaps in the construction of the home. Keep landscaping plants from contacting the foundation to prevent easy spider access. Remove wood piles away from sides of your home. Inspect for other bugs like ants, earwigs and flies and treat accordingly to prevent spider food. For the full list of IPM techniques for best spider control, read more on our guide to peacefully managing spiders around the home.

However, if you’ve had it and are looking for eco-conscious pest control in Portland Oregon, call us today. We’ll get rid of spiders in the home while thoughtfully managing hazards to pets, pollinators & wildlife.

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