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Garden Pest Control for Portland OR

Plant Health Care is Garden Pest Control

Garden pests and landscape diseases cause Portland gardeners distress when our plants look sad. Pest & Pollinator specializes in plant health care, that’s why we offer our all organic Plant Health Boost to keep your trees and landscape looking healthy and resistant to disease and pests.

How Do I Get Rid of Garden Pests Without Pesticides?

Getting rid of plant pests and diseases without using an ounce of pesticide is easy with a little preventative plant health care. Regenerative farmers, arborists, organic agriculturists and master gardeners all use organic products and techniques to prevent and control tree and crop destroying garden pests and pathogens.

  • Refrain from excessive tilling to save beneficial native microbes.
  • Always keep a layer of 1-2″ of straw, wood chips, grass clippings or other mulch ontop of your soil. This promotes good plant nutrition and protects microbes from extreme heat, wind and cold.
  • Use high quality compost to encourage beneficial microbes. The more beneficial fungi and bacteria in the soil, the less available habitat there is for pathogens to spread.
  • Keeping your plants strong and healthy is the best way to control plant pests & diseases without pesticides.

Beneficial microbes from soil regeneration in compost help digest nutrients into a form that fertilizes your garden naturally. Learn how to make your own compost, or consider starting a worm bin. Always remember to enclose outside compost bins completely to prevent urban rats from taking advantage of those nutrients.

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How Do I Protect My Trees & Landscaping Against Climate Change?

To protect your priceless trees and landscape against climate change, keep your plants & soil healthy with the steps listed above. A tree weakened by extreme heat or ice damage might become more susceptible to pests & soil pathogens. 

Preventative plant health care is extremely important. Some plant diseases like Armillaria and Phytopthera have no known treatments once established. It’s helpful to tend your soil microbes. Beneficial fungi and other microorganisms have the ability to lessen the impacts of climate change on your garden, trees and landscape.

If you need extra firepower boosting plant health, controlling garden pests or diseases, or are interested in preventative soil health management give Pest & Pollinator a call today.

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Garden Pest Control Facts & Tips:

  • Plant roots create their own underground ecosystem called the soil food web or “rhizosphere.”
  • Chopping annual plants at ground level instead of pulling them after they’ve gone to seed allows the nutrients in the roots to be recycled back into the soil, called “root exudates.”
  • Mulch old flowers and veggie plants back into the garden to recycle nutrients from decomposing leaves and stems.
  • A vast majority of fungi species are beneficial for plants. If beneficial mycorrizhal fungi live on plant roots, pathogenic fungal disease species are less likely to become a problem.

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