Get Rid of Ants Fast and Permanently

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Ant Control, Pest

Whether its your first time or tenth looking for information on how to get rid of ants permanently, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently Naturally

There are so many ways to kill, repel, clean and seal out ants. But unless you have a strategy to kill the ant queen, you’re locked into a never-ending battle with an entire colony of ants.

You repel and kill the ant scounts only, more will return. Within weeks, you’re back to where you started. Or worse! Ants pop up in new spots all over the house.

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To keep ants out of the house permanently, you’ll need to target the ant queen. 

Most over-the-counter and home-made ant sprays kill quickly on contact, and never make it to the colony to kill the queen.

Permanent Ant Removal

Exterminators know that they need a slow-acting, non-repellent spray in order to control ant queens. 

The ants need to walk the residues all the way back to the colony, rub themselves over nurse ants, who rub themselves over the queen – before they die, in order to kill the queen.

How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently Inside

Luckily there is an easier way. It’s safe and available for homeowners.

That’s ant bait.

Best Interior Ant Killer

The best interior ant killer is a liquid or granular bait.

  • Adult ants eat or drink the bait.
  • If it works slowly, they take it back to the colony.
  • This is gross, but then they “baby-bird” it to other ants & larvae.
  • Ants that feed the queen will give her the bait, and the colony is eliminated.

Get Rid of Ants Permanently Outside

Getting rid of ants outside permanently forever is a tall order. It’s estimated ants make up more than 15% of animal biomass in an ecosystem.

But you can use a granular bait product like Terro perimeter ant bait around your house every 30-60 days. That will prevent new ant colonies from establishing inside or around your home, and get great results.

Ant Bait Granules

Sprinkle ant bait granules in a 2′ band along the exterior perimeter of your home. You can also sprinkle it around active trails.

Pay close attention to sunny areas and along South & West sides where it’s warmer – and ants are more frequently found.

Watch to see if the ants pick up the bait. If not, you might need to try a different bait.

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Home Remedies

1. Borax Ant Killer

If you’d prefer a home remedy to get rid of ants permanetly, your best option is making a borax ant killer for the scouts to take back to the queen.

  1. Mix 4 parts sugar with 1 part borax.
  2. Add a few drops of water and shake in a bottle to make chunky granules
  3. Shake the granules outside along active ant trails, on a warm day
  4. OR – mix enough water to make a gel slurry, and place a few drops out of reach of pets and children inside where you’ve seen the ants.

2. Most Effective Natural Ant Repellent

Typically we don’t recommend using any repellents for ants, because that just treats the symptoms and doesn’t kill the queen. But one customer shared with us that vanilla essential oil was effective at permanently getting rid of sugar ants in his house.

Could be worth a shot.

Group of ants swarming orange marmalade

Liquid Ant Baits

Liquid ant baits like Terro are great at permanently removing ants from your house.

Follow these directions to get the best results.

Hopefully that’s all the info you need to permanently get rid of ants. If you’ve followed these steps and are still having annoying ant issues in the Portland area, feel free to get on our schedule today. 

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