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Habitat Restoration for Portland OR

Habitat Restoration Services

Habitat restoration is gaining popularity in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties. Invasive plant species like blackberry, ivy and clematis are slowly putting our Northwest forest ecosystems in crisis. Pest & Pollinator can carefully and professionally remove disruptive species and plant native species to encourage biodiversity and create functional habitats.

How To Help Bees & Pollinators

Restoring native plants can help save bees and encourage natural pest control. Organic gardeners and regenerative agriculturalists know the importance of installing native pollinator gardens and habitat areas to provide food for native bees and honeybees.

Your yard can be a haven for native habitat when you choose endemic plant species.

  • We like to think of native plants as the infrastructure for natural Northwest species to live on and amongst.
  • Native plants attract predatory &  beneficial insects which can provide garden pest control.
  • Native pollinators like sweat bees, mason bees and butterflies set up nearby and add biodiversity.
  • Beautiful songbirds will come for the habitat, and stay for your slugs and spiders.

In a functional ecosystem, predators take advantage of large “pest” populations. So restoring habitat is the best way to get natural pest control.

Habitat in Portland Backyards

Pest & Pollinator will inspect your landscaping and determine if there are opportunities to create native habitat, increase ecosystem biodiversity, and avoid issues with urban nuisance species like rats and mice.

We’ll make recommendations for adjusting problematic species and introducing the native plants your birds and pollinators actually want. With Pest & Pollinator, you don’t have to guess what will do well, we have the experience with native flowers, grasses, herbs, shrubs and trees to know what’s most appropriate for your environment.

Cutting-Edge Solutions. 

Portland Habitat Restoration Contractors

We are fully licensed and experienced for habitat restoration, from Portland backyards to larger botanically advanced projects. Strong knowledge of forest, wetland, prairie and riparian plant communities and attention to detail is our specialty. Pest & Pollinator LLC is a great choice for small to medium scale ecological restoration contracts where the project manager will be the botanical specialist and boots on the ground.

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Habitat Restoration Facts & Tips:

  • Native bands and tribes indigenous to the modern-day Willamette Valley would use fire and other tools to manage lands.
  • This made it easier to hunt in the absence of brush, and created large fire-resistant “legacy” oaks which produced more acorns than smaller, densely growing trees.
  • Habitat restoration can be a powerful pest management tool, since many nuisance species can be controlled by encouraging their natural predators & pathogens.
  • Many handsome native shrub species grow in a natural upside down “bottleneck” form, which creates great food and habitat for local songbird species, but doesn’t create hiding places for urban rats.
  • On the other hand, many common exotic ornamentals like ivy, laurels, clematis and blackberry create a perfect environment for exotic animals like Norway rats and roof rats to breed & thrive.

How can we help you today?

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Plant health boost

Healthy, green yards make great habitat. We feed soil and plants the organic things they want.

preventative inspections

Have the peace of mind knowing there aren’t any openings in your home for rats to enter.

Beaver Management

Our ecology background informs our beaver removal and management services.

Pest exclusion

We find where pests enter and repair or seal entry points to prevent pest issues in the future.

IPM, Integrated Pest Management diagram, inverted. At the top is tolerance level, descending to food & habitat modification, mechanical removal, bio control & lastly chemical. Integrated Pest Management is how farmers, gardeners, homeowners, food handlers and many others get the best pest control naturally.

How To Keep Pests Away

We offer a unique Urban Wildlife Habitat Inspection. You won’t find this at other Portland exterminator companies. We’ll complete an official habitat inspection of your backyard to determine if there are opportunities to improve native wildlife & pollinator habitat and avoid issues with invasive species & pests. Download our Urban Wildlife Habitat Inspection (UWHI) form below:

Download UWHI Form

Urban Wildlife Habitat Inspection form .pdf