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Flea Removal Services for Your Home

Is your family itching and scratching at annoying fleas? Surefire flea control depends on strong Integrated Pest Management by simultaneously treating pets & home. Fleas cause irritating bites and can lay dormant in your carpets for months. We can help safely remove fleas from the home quickly and effectively.

How Do I Safely Get Rid of Fleas?

Biting fleas live wherever warm blooded mammals do. They love carpets, pet beds, and moist shady areas outdoors where they wait to feed on us. Sometimes our cats and dogs even gets fleas from wildlife like raccoons and opossums.

1)    The first step of flea control is to consult your veterinarian. So get the proper medication for all your pets and start the prescription. Remember, never use dog flea medication on cats. A common active ingredient in flea medication for dogs— permethrin— is toxic to cats.

2)    Secondly, give your home a thorough vacuuming. Know you will be doing this a few more times over the next few weeks as part of Integrated Pest Management for the best flea control. Focus on floor surfaces where you see fleas jumping, carpets, pet beds, area rugs and other textiles near the ground level. Seal and dispose of the vacuum bag in an exterior trash can.

3)    Third, you’ll need to gather and bag up any clothing, towels, plush toys and other textiles that have been within 1′ of the floor. Anything that can be laundered should be, and dried on high heat, immediately before or after the treatment. Clutter should be reduced so the treatment will be as successful at reaching the fleas as possible.

4)    Lastly, schedule a puppy play date at the park so you and your pets are away for four hours while the treatment is applied and allowed time to dry. Now you’re ready for your professional flea removal service.

Should I Vacuum After Flea Treatments?

Yes. The physical vibrations of the vacuum cause the protected flea pupae to “hatch” into vulnerable adults. Therefore the best flea control results from vacuuming daily for 2-3 weeks following a flea treatment. 

Without the stimulation the the vacuum, flea pupae may remain in your carpets unaffected by the treatment until the treatment wears off. The adults however, are susceptible and will be readily controlled.

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For excellent results, always follow your flea exterminator’s pre-treatment instructions closely as possible. If you’re interested in getting a customized Integrated Pest Management strategy for flea control in your Portland home, contact us below:

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Portland Flea Control Facts & Tips:

  • Fleas are capable of spreading bacterial diseases and other pathogens like dog tapeworm.
  • Flea control depends on their four life stages; egg, larvae, pupae and adult.
  • Many flea control products for the pet have the same active ingredients as pest control products, in different formulations.
  • Cat fleas are the most common flea pest, able to live on raccoons, dogs, cats and even opossums.
  • “Siphonaptera” is the insect order that comprises fleas, referring to the “siphon” mouthpart.

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