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Eco-safe Spider Control Services

Looking for smart, effective spider control in Portland? Because you don’t appreciate large creepy spiders in your house? We understand. There is no better, safer way to control spiders than Integrated Pest Management. We’ll customize a unique, successful spider, centipede, earwig or other pest management strategy for your home.

How Do I Control Spiders Effectively?

Spider control can be tricky. A good knowledge of spider biology and ecology is important to controlling spiders successfully. Spiders can be difficult to remove even with pesticides, so Integrated Pest Management techniques should be used for the most effective results. Our treatments are designed specifically to provide relief from nuisance spiders while eliminating common pesticide hazards to pollinators & the environment.

Perhaps there’s an influx of moths, flies, fleas, house centipedes, silverfish, earwigs, stink bugs, box elder bugs, beetles, bed bugs, cockroaches, or other bugs you’d like looked at. We’re here to help. Pest & Pollinator will help you create an IPM strategy to get you the best & safest pest control results.

Natural, Organic Spider Control

As always, we’ll look at the root cause of your pest problem and solve it there. We use natural, organic spider control products to treat the spiders that are bugging you. You won’t have to worry about child & pet safety, or spiders, when you call for a free estimate today.

Cutting-Edge Solutions. 

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We can help you reclaim your home from creepy spiders & pests. Our cutting-edge IPM services provide industry leading results and safety. You can even have your home treated and webs removed regularly. If you’re ready for help with spider control, contact us now.

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Spider & Pest Control Facts & Tips:

  • Spiders are solitary; they do not live in colonies or group together.
  • Spiders have claws on the ends of their feet.
  • They can “balloon” or ride sails made of silk on the wind to disperse.
  • Try setting sticky glue traps for spiders flush along walls, under furniture in dark corners.
  • Frequent inside sightings of house centipedes often indicates a moisture issue nearby.
  • For many household pests like flies, moths, carpet beetles, fleas, bed bugs and cockroaches, Integrated Pest Management is a essential component for effective control.

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Ant Control

We specialize in protecting pollinators while effectively controlling ant pests.

Mouse Control

Finding mice or evidence of them? We’ll help you get natural mouse control with IPM.

Wasp Control

Yellowjackets & paper wasps aren’t fun to get stung by. We can help with natural wasp control.

Flea Control

If fleas are jumping and biting, let us help with a safe IPM strategy for flea control at home.