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Wasp, Yellowjacket & Hornet Removal Services for Portland OR

Unfortunately many are familiar with the agonizing sting of a wasp. So lots of folks call wasp & yellowjacket control companies in late summer when nests grow large.

Also, while carefully removing stinging insect nests our yards and homes, we want to be cautious of safety for non-aggressive honeybees and other pollinators. 

How Do I Safely Control Wasps Around the Home?

When nests grow to noticeable size in late summer, thats when Portland wasp & yellowjacket control gets busy. Inspect regularly and take early action can prevent nests from becoming a nuisance.

  • An extendable web brush pole can be used to physically remove smaller wasps nests around soffits & eaves.
  • Remove wasp & yellowjacket nests on a cool night while wasps are inactive to reduce the likelihood of being stung.

You can use traps to control paper wasp pests, especially if you capture the queen. Many traps contain pheromones which are designed to capture yellowjacket queens.

To avoid issues with hornets, wasps and yellowjackets next summer, place wasp traps early in the spring to increase chances of capturing the queen.

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Pollinator Safe Yellowjacket Removal

Yellowjacket wasps are opportunists. They love the chicken wings and sodas at our barbecues. We can use this to our advantage. Placing cooked meat, cat food, jelly or even sweet & sour sauce inside a store-bought wasp trap can increase the trap’s effectiveness.

For ground nesting yellowjackets & hornets, a vacuum can be used to physically remove the workers, and hopefully the queen. Hot soapy water poured into the entry hole can also reduce ground wasp numbers and provide some level of pesticide free wasp control. However, a bee suit should be worn. Do not attempt to control or destroy a yellowjacket ground nest without protective equipment. If you are unprepared to be attacked, just rope off the area to warn others and consider calling a professional.

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Wasp & Yellowjacket Control Facts & Tips:

  • Yellowjackets have an excellent memory for food sources, and will return to forage even if there is no food there.
  • Both paper wasps and yellowjacket nests start from a single queen, every year.
  • Queens do not reuse the nest, but will sometimes build a new one right next to the old nest.
  • Any yellowjacket and wasp control actions are best at night, while temperatures are lower and wasps are less active.

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