How to Keep Spiders Away From the Outside of Your House

by | Aug 3, 2023 | Pest, Spider Control

Fall is spider season in Oregon. Maybe you don’t want every spider dead, but you sure don’t appreciate webs strung out at face height all over your home & yard.

How to Keep Spiders Away From Home

You’ve come to the right place. We’ll go over how to keep spiders away from your home naturally with these few tricks.
broom sweeping soffit for spider webs

1. Use a Broom

This is pretty low-tech, but is definitely a way to get rid of spider webs outside naturally. Grab an outdoor broom you don’t mind getting dusty and sweep along the eaves, soffits, porch awnings, and under the edge of your siding.

Do beware, the spiders you knock down may try to climb your broom handle. So be ready!

2. Spray a Natural Spider Repellent

There are lots of great spider control products that have natural botanical ingredients. They’ll kill spiders on contact, and provide repellency that can help keep spiders away.

If you choose to spray before you wipe down the webs, you might risk smearing a dust/spray slurry all over the siding, so usually it’s best to knock down webs first.

3. Keep Food Waste in Your Freezer

One key way to prevent spider webs outside is to prevent spiders in the first place. Flies are spiders’ favorite food, so limiting flies breeding is critical to keeping spiders at a minimum.

Portland has an uncontrollable fly issue in the summer because garbage service only comes every two weeks. With just a bit of meat in your outdoor bin, flies can reproduce by the hundred within days. So avoid this by keeping non-compostable food waste like meat scraps sealed in the freezer until garbage day.

Removing any fallen fruit from trees regularly will also help reduce flies and moths that feed spiders.

4. Plant Native Plants

Spiders have tons of natural predators like birds, so establishing plants that attract birds is a good long-term strategy for keeping spiders away permanently.

If there are birds coming across town to hang out in their favorite habitat (your native plants), those fat, juicy orb weavers that create webs at face-height outside will stand no chance of survival.

House or hobo spider in the genus tegenaria, weaving its funnel

5. Reduce Yard Debris

For funnel weaver spiders, you’ll need to aim lower –along the ground level where they hide. Funnel weavers like hobo spiders LOVE to hide under old wood storage, stick piles, stacks of bricks or firewood, or in patches of dried brambles and other weeds. Reducing yard debris and any clutter against the side of the home or sheds will eliminate spider breeding habitat and keep our outside free of spiders.

6. Get Rid of Spiders on Outdoor Plants

When you are sweeping and spraying your natural spider repellent, don’t forget to treat any ornamental plants within 5-10′ of the home. Spiders love to hang out in rhododendrons, arbor vitae, spruce trees, and many of the evergreen ornamentals commonly planted right up against homes. 

    Important Pollinator Safety Note:

    When spraying for spiders outdoors – even with a natural spray – take care to avoid spraying within 10′ of any flowers where bees forage. Spray before the sun comes up, or after it has gone down to avoid harming any bees, beneficial insects or pollinators.

    Deter Spiders From Outside

    At the end of the day, spiders will always be outside. But keeping your yard tidy, clean and free of food sources will significantly help you avoid spiders at home. If you’re in the Portland area and are looking for extra help with natural spider control, give us a call today.
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