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Looking for smart, effective, all-natural spider control in Portland? Because you don’t appreciate large creepy spiders in your house? We understand. There is no better, safer way to control spiders than Integrated Pest Management. And best of all, our spider pest control services also work on sugar ants, box elder bugs, centipedes, silverfish, stink bugs, moths, flies, and more.

Spider Pest Control

Spiders are solitary and elusive. They can be difficult to control even with pesticides, so you need Integrated Pest Management techniques to actually get the best spider pest control. Our treatments are designed specifically to provide relief from nuisance spiders while eliminating common pesticide hazards to pollinators & the environment.

Our treatments are totally safe and can also help control moths, flies, fleas, house centipedes, silverfish, earwigs, stink bugs, box elder bugs, beetles, bed bugs, cockroaches, and most insect pests. We’re here to help. Pest & Pollinator will help you create an IPM strategy to get you the best & safest pest control in Portland.

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Trust us to help you reclaim your home from hobo spiders & other creepy crawlies. Our cutting-edge IPM services get our customers the environmentally safe extermination they want. Feel confident you’re protecting the planet better when you choose Pest & Pollinator LLC.

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Spider & Pest Control Facts & Tips:

  • Spiders are solitary; they do not live in colonies or group together.
  • Spiders have claws on the ends of their feet.
  • They can “balloon” or ride sails made of silk on the wind to disperse.
  • Try setting sticky glue traps for spiders flush along walls, under furniture in dark corners.
  • Frequent inside sightings of house centipedes often indicates a moisture issue nearby.
  • For many household pests like flies, moths, carpet beetles, fleas, bed bugs and cockroaches, Integrated Pest Management is a essential component for effective control.

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We're Oregon's–and the PNW's–only Green Shield Certified pest control company by the IPM Institute of North America. We care for your health, safety and sustainability. You can feel confident when choosing Pest & Pollinator that we're protecting your family, pets, and planet better.

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Martin Rozycki
Martin Rozycki
Very quick and professional service. Will definitely use again next time we have an issue!
Sally Krantz
Sally Krantz
Keith is really knowledgeable, thorough and honest. He was able to do a tricky exclusion for a reasonable price. Highly recommend!
Heather Goldberg
Heather Goldberg
Keith is an excellent exterminator, super personable, and most importantly, easy to reach. He does my quarterly service for ants (we all need that here in Portland!) and goes the extra mile to find the source instead of just spraying. I also had a rodent issue recently, and Keith prioritized coming out to help me VERY quickly, found the entry point, sealed it and captured the rest. All good now! I have worked with other companies and I love how Keith operates his business to feel more personal. He is competitively priced too, so you cannot go wrong. Highly recommend!
Kate Quisling
Kate Quisling
Pest and Pollinator does a great job. Highly recommend. They get the job done right and quickly.
Dav G
Dav G
Highly recommend Keith and Pest and Pollinator. He responded promptly to our issue with rodents in our house, and was able to assess and fix weak spots in our house. Very knowledgeable about urban pests and eco-friendly approaches to deterring them.
Shannon Herrick
Shannon Herrick
Keith did a great job helping us to eradicate some roof rats that were getting into our attic. He was easy to get a hold of and came out the next day to set some traps. We also had a small point of entry in the roof that he was able to close up to stop other rats from getting in. Very reasonably priced and professional. We were very pleased with the service that we got, can’t recommend him enough!
Jesse Neilson
Jesse Neilson
Keith has been excellent. We had previously used some of the bigger known brands who would come by and spray everything. With Keith, we have saved money, had better communication, more transparent business transactions, and all issues we have had have been dealt with promptly. There’s been no downside at all to making the switch to Pest & Pollinator
Sandy Hodge
Sandy Hodge
Keith was responsive and professional. He removed our wasp nest effectively and provided a 45 day warranty. He was very knowledgeable about wasp removal and was able to explain his process to us. We'd hire him again.
Caitlin Kirby
Caitlin Kirby
Keith helped us take care of some persistent moles in our yard this summer. He was a pleasure to work with and we’ll be hiring him again for future pests!