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Natural Wasp Removal

Non-Toxic Wasp Removal

It’s hard to forget the painful sting of a wasp…  But there’s no need to spray toxic chemicals to control wasps & yellow jackets.

Natural Ways to Kill Wasps

Getting rid of paper wasps & yellow jackets nests naturally can be a bit risky. They live in a colony, and will defend aggressively it if they sense the colony is in danger.

But, by targeting the nest with the right natural products for wasps, or even soapy water, you can forget about pesticides and go back to your picnic on the porch.

Wasps in Eaves

When paper wasp nests in eaves grow large in summer, that’s when Portland wasp control gets busy. Paper wasps (Polistes sp.) are known for building nests under soffits and becoming a nuisance at picnics.

Paper Wasps

Inspect regularly and take early action to prevent paper wasps nests from bugging you.

  • Set traps early in the Spring, so you can try to catch the Queen before they build a troublesome nest.
  • Wasps can smell the colony’s pheromones, so they will often return to an old nesting site, even if the nest is destroyed.

In general, paper wasps are less aggressive than yellow jackets & bald-faced hornets.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are more common inside soffits voids, utility & fence poles, and nests in the ground.

The best way to get rid of an underground yellow jacket nest is to dig it up and destroy it. As you can imagine, they will be very upset and try to sting you repeatedly, so this is best handled by a professional with the right equipment & training.

For yellow jacket nests in holes in the house or poles, use a natural wasp repellent spray to deter them and treat the nest. Repeat as needed.

Eco-Friendliest in the Northwest. 

Natural Yellow Jacket Removal

Yellow jackets and paper wasps are opportunists. They love the chicken wings and sodas at our barbecues. We can use this to our advantage. Placing raw meat, cat food, jelly or even sweet & sour sauce inside a store-bought wasp or yellow jacket trap can increase the trap’s effectiveness.

Organic Wasp Control

Whether it’s a wasp nest under your eaves, or a yellow jacket nest underground, let us take care of it for you naturally. We even offer completely chemical-free and non-toxic wasp removal in the Portland Oregon area. Get in touch today.

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Wasp & Yellowjacket Control Facts & Tips:

  • Yellowjackets have an excellent memory for food sources, and will return to forage even if there is no food there.
  • Both paper wasps and yellowjacket nests start from a single queen, every year.
  • Queens do not reuse the nest, but will sometimes build a new one right next to the old nest.
  • Any yellowjacket and wasp control actions are best at night, while temperatures are lower and wasps are less active.

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