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…What’s the Pollinator Part?

Home invading pests put you in a dilemma – You don’t want pests OR chemicals in the home. We can help. We know how to solve pest problems with compassion, precision & the highest level of pollinator & environmental safety. We also improve safety & offer services for backyard habitat restoration.

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Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Portland

We go above and beyond, raising the bar for environmentally safe pest control. Utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and Green Shield Certified requirements as our guide, here are the exact ways Pest & Pollinator improved safety compared to traditional exterminators:

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Avoids spraying any pesticides.

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Chooses non-toxic, all natural, and organic products.

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No residual-active pyrethroids.

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No second generation anti-coagulant rodenticides.

Portland Exterminator Services

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Ant extermination that’s safe for pets & pollinators

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We eliminate creepy spiders in your home without risky chemicals

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Wasps & Hornets

We protect you from yellow jackets & wasps naturally

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Get safe, effective flea control when fleas are jumping & biting

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We help eliminate cockroaches with eco-safe techniques & products

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Bed Bugs

Call us for a complete IPM strategy to get rid of bed bugs

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Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

We help treat brown marmorated stink bugs

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Boxelder Bugs

Give us a call about removing boxelder bugs

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We’ll inspect your home once, or monitor regularly to prevent rodents

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We seal rodent entry points permanently

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We find where rats enter, and we make repairs to exclude rodents

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Invasive squirrels gnaw into attics & outcompete native squirrels

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Did you see a mouse scurry across the floor? Call us today

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Moles & Gophers

Is something digging up your yard? We’ll find out & take care of it

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Raccoon eviction, exclusion, repellent & management services

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Call us for professional skunk inspections, evictions & exclusions

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We’re BeaverCorps trained for non-lethal beaver control

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Not Sure?

Not sure what you’re hearing or smelling? Give us a call

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Habitat Restoration

Invasive plant removal and native plant installation.

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Plant & Soil Care

We feed plants and soil the organic things they want.

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Quarterly Pest Control

We provide quarterly pest control for customers with true Integrated Pest Management.

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IPM Education

Now offering IPM instruction for organizations & individuals.

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Now Accepting Satisfied Customers

Beyond safety, we provide excellent quality service. We care for your home like its our own. We value your time and schedule around you. We answer calls and questions promptly. If you’re not satisfied with our service, we’ll stay ontop of it until you are.

R. Jon MacDonald
R. Jon MacDonald
We've worked with Keith since he started, and he's been extremely attentive, kind, and responsive. We've had a few pest control companies over the years, and none of them have effective or personable!
Sam Wallace
Sam Wallace
Incredibly professional and thorough. Highly recommended!
Aaron Meola
Aaron Meola
Very happy with the service provided, highly recommended! We had some squirrels getting into a gap behind the gutter of our house. Keith came out quickly, did a thorough inspection of the whole property, placed some steel wool in gaps and set traps. The traps worked as planned and he came back a couple days later and did a great job sealing up the house once we knew they were taken care of.
We were happy to meet with Keith Chaloux, Owner of Pest & Pollinator LLC today. We had noticed an infestation of house ants while working on a remodel. He was prompt in getting back to me after I contacted him yesterday and set up an appointment to come by today. After surveying our property and identifying the area requiring treatment he was able to set bait on the spot! Such great and timely service was much appreciated. Susan B., SE Portland
Linda Burch
Linda Burch
Keith is thoroughly professional, thoughtful, and dedicated. I had an immediate pest concern which he responded to promptly. He is also dedicated to environment-friendly pest control. He kindly explains his strategies in a clear and friendly manner. He was also very kind to the family dog. Highly recommend.
Matthew Gallagher
Matthew Gallagher
Knowledgeable, professional, and effective!
Nicole Gerber
Nicole Gerber
Keith is the best in the business! I went through 5 different quotes and explanations for my problem. Keith had it dialed and solved within a month. Lowest cost, best communication, and a pleasure all around!
Brent Gummow
Brent Gummow
We reached out to Keith at Pest & Pollinator based on a recommendation from a friend who knew we were dealing with a growing ant invasion. He stopped out, listened, and gave us options for how we wanted to proceed. Keith also checks back in to make sure that what he did actually solved the problem and even came back to reapply and give us a few baited traps should the ants start coming back again later. All in all, great friendly service - we'll definitely be using him again.
Joe Armenia
Joe Armenia
he is fadst, he is affordable, he is good. is there anything else?
Alina Knop
Alina Knop
We worked with Keith and are grateful for the work he did for us! We had a dead raccoon in our crawlspace that needed to be removed asap. He was professional, able to safely take care of the job same-day and helped scope our property to identify rodent access points to prevent this issue in the future.

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About Me

Independent. Locally Owned & Operated. Portland Small Business.

Licensed. Bonded. Insured. Certified.

Keith Chaloux

Owner / Operator • Pest & Pollinator LLC

For over a decade, Keith has been managing habitat around Portland Oregon. First as an ecological restoration crew member for Ash Creek Forest Management LLC, he gained valuable hands-on experience with ecology, native plants, and botany.

In 2016, Keith was licensed for tree, turf & shrub care, wildlife control, and pest control for just about anything. Feeling mixed feelings about being an exterminator, he called on his experience with native habitats. When native species are restored, the ecosystem seems to function better and do it’s own pest control. Integrated Pest Management is the method to work with nature to create safe solutions for pest & invasive issues.

In early 2021 he left Pioneer Pest Management to start Pest & Pollinator LLC with a mission to promote habitat restoration in Portland backyards, provide safer, more eco-conscious pest control and to elevate IPM in the pest control industry. In November 2022, Pest & Pollinator became the first Green Shield Certified pest control company in Oregon.

In his free time Keith likes to look at bugs in his organic garden, explore the outdoors, and stand in the front at local Portland shows.

Feel free to browse free DIY pest control tips on his blog Northwest Pest Digest,

Or give him a call or email to learn more about getting custom eco-friendly integrated pest management solutions near Portland today.

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We’re Oregon’s–and the PNW’s–only Green Shield Certified pest control company by the IPM Institute of North America. We care about your health, safety and sustainability. You can feel confident when choosing Pest & Pollinator that we’re protecting your family, pets, and planet better.

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