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Prevent Pests with Regular Inspections

Old Portland homes often settle over time. Or new renovations can unintentionally leave your home open to pests and wildlife. So it’s a good idea to have a preventative pest control inspection about every twelve months. Regular inspections are part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

That’s why Pest & Pollinator offers complete pest inspections as an affordable one-time service, or regularly at any frequency you’d like. 

How Do I Avoid Pests at Home Naturally?

The best way to prevent pests like rodents, stink bugs & wildlife in the home is to inspect regularly for any openings where pests can enter. Check for gaps under garage doors, around foundation vents, dormer corners and separating gutter lines. Seal any gaps you find greater than a quarter inch with metal to exclude rodents. Use silicone caulking or expanding foam to seal any gaps smaller than 1/4″.

  • Caulking cracks and gaps around windows and door frames, foundations and siding can help prevent spider pests from entering the home to some degree. Anticipate that insect pests will find entry points at places that may not be readily visible to you.
  • Inspect your foundation mid-day on a warm day for evidence of ant trails entering and place bait or repellent where activity is noted.
  • Keep an eye on moisture levels in the soil around your home and take steps necessary to make sure your yard dries thoroughly to prevent occasional pests like centipedes, flies, and springtails from becoming a nuisance.

Eco-Friendliest in the Northwest. 

Preventative Pest Inspection Facts & Tips:

  • Keep overhanging tree branches trimmed three to five feet away from sides of home to prevent rat, mouse and squirrel access.
  • Carpenter ants & odorous house ants also commonly use overhanging trees and shrubs to access homes.
  • Don’t bother trying to prevent ants in the home by sealing interior cracks & crevices. Odorous house ants will happily enter and exit through tiny holes barely visible to the naked eye. Interior cracks & crevices where ants are entering make the perfect place for your pest control professional to place bait out of reach of pets and children.
  • Preventative inspections for garden pests are part of the best organic pest control practices, and can be done as frequently as twice daily.

Get Your Pest Inspection from Local Pros

Pest inspections are a proven way to prevent pests from getting in your home. You’ll be happier sealing & repairing rodent entry points before they can intrude. This is an important first step to avoiding costly rodent control services. If you’d like a prompt, professional inspection for your home sale or peace of mind, give us a call today.

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Emily Sandstrom
Emily Sandstrom
Great and helpful experience with Keith. He was very knowledgeable and thorough and respectful of my specific needs.
Deanna Schindler-Ord
Deanna Schindler-Ord
Keith is fantastic! He was on the same page as me when I asked for help with the ants, but wanted to be sure the spiders, bees & butterflies would be safe. We recently had a random infestation of moths that he helped identify & treat. Highly recommend!
Brandon Loveland
Brandon Loveland
Keith is excellent, thorough, and I highly recommend him for any pest control needs. Very nice guy and extremely professional.
Cheryl Bertin
Cheryl Bertin
Kieth was punctual, courteous, and knowledgeable. We wanted a less toxic approach to pest control and he delivered. Walked me through some follow up and remains available for questions. Nice guy, great service.
James A. Holland
James A. Holland
Pest & Pollinator is just what we needed! Custom, considerate care for the conscious ecosystem manager.
Matt Wyss
Matt Wyss
## Pest & Pollinator: Saving our sanity (and our rental property)! **5 stars, no question!** Pest & Pollinator isn't just your average pest control company – they're **eco-conscious heroes** who saved our rental property from a critter catastrophe! Let's just say, when we discovered unwelcome guests (of the creepy crawly variety) had taken up residence, we were at our wits' end. But Pest & Pollinator, with their **calm expertise and innovative approach**, turned the tide in record time. **Here's why they deserve every star under the sun:** * **Quick response:** They were at our door within 24 hours, ready to assess the situation. No waiting in pest purgatory! * **Thorough inspection:** They didn't just spray and pray. They meticulously identified the culprit, their entry points, and potential nesting spots. They even explained everything in a way we could understand (no entomology jargon here!). * **Eco-friendly solutions:** We were thrilled with their **commitment to sustainable pest control**. They used targeted, natural methods that kept our furry (and not-so-furry) friends safe while eliminating the unwanted ones. No chemical cocktails or harmful residues – just peace of mind. * **Follow-up and prevention:** They didn't just disappear after the initial treatment. They followed up to ensure the problem was truly gone and even offered tips on long-term prevention – like sealing up potential entry points and creating a welcoming environment for natural predators. **The result?** Our rental property is pest-free, our tenants are happy, and we can finally sleep soundly knowing Pest & Pollinator has our back (and our walls)! **If you're looking for pest control that's effective, eco-friendly, and simply fantastic, look no further than Pest & Pollinator. They're the real deal, and they'll have you singing their praises (pest-free, of course!) in no time.** **P.S.** Bonus points for their friendly and professional staff! They made a stressful situation a lot less so with their positive attitude and clear communication. **Thank you, Pest & Pollinator! You're our new pest-banishing BFFs!**
Martin Rozycki
Martin Rozycki
Very quick and professional service. Will definitely use again next time we have an issue!
Sally Krantz
Sally Krantz
Keith is really knowledgeable, thorough and honest. He was able to do a tricky exclusion for a reasonable price. Highly recommend!

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