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Are you struggling with a mysterious animal pest control problem? Have you heard a noise in your attic or crawlspace? Not sure if it’s mice, rats, birds, bats, squirrels, opossums or raccoons? You need a wildlife control company that’s done it all. Let our experience speak for itself. We’ll identify any issues and create a custom Integrated Pest Management strategy that will push your solution through to the finish line.

Wildlife Control Services. 

What’s Making Noise in my Walls?

  • Frequent intruders of attics and wall voids are mice, roof (black) rats, birds, bats, Eastern fox squirrels and Eastern gray squirrels. Squirrels, bats and birds nest close to their entry point, so if you hear noises in the walls, it is likely a rodent.
  • In crawlspaces and other areas, Norways rats & house mice are common invaders with raccoons & opossums a close second.
  • Occasionally rabbits, California ground squirrels, Douglas squirrels and even chipmunks visit peoples’ crawlspaces through damaged foundation vents.

Although each of these animals have territorial behaviors, it is actually fairly common for two pest animal species to occur in the same house. To properly diagnose and treat animal pest issues, you may need inspection & monitoring by a trained wildlife control professional.

Try the Knock Test

Next time you hear the noise, try giving a few loud knocks on the wall closeby. If the noise suddenly stops, this may indicate a rodent pest like rats or mice. If the noise only stops for a moment, then continues or doesn’t stop at all, it’s more likely a squirrel or larger wildlife. This method can give us some idea of what kind of animal control might need to be done.

Natural Wildlife Repellents

Most urban wildlife has evolved alongside us long enough that they’re mostly used to all the smells we are. For this reason, natural animal repellents with garlic, chili, peppermint, ultra-sonic devices, or even pet odors & predator urines seem to be partially- or non-effective. Fearless urban wildlife may not even be deterred by hazing with loud noise or lights.

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Rodent & Wildlife Removal Portland

Pests like rats and squirrels may re-enter the home within just a few days of the previous population being removed. We’ll take the steps necessary to humanely remove and exclude wild animals and rodents from the home with care and integrity, at an affordable price.

We offer rodent & wildlife exclusion services to keep pests out of the home for good. Don’t worry about rodents and wildlife, just give us a call today.

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Rodent & Wildlife Control Facts &  Tips

  • Regularly inspect your foundation vents, mud sill & dormer corners for chewing or other evidence of rodent & wildlife damage.
  • Enclose compost bins & chicken coops on all sides to prevent issues with animal pests. Bring pet food dishes inside at night.
  • Eastern gray squirrels and fox squirrels are invasive species from the East coast.
  • Invasive squirrels can replace our native species; Douglas and Western gray squirrels in less than 10 years where they’re introduced.
  • Rats are predators of mice, so a mouse in the walls might mean it’s avoiding a rat that moved into the attic or crawlspace.

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