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Is there a putrid odor of skunk spray stinking up your house? Are skunks burrowing under your shed or patio? Yes? You might need help from a trained skunk control professional. Skunk removal takes knowledge and experience to do effectively and humanely.

How Do I Get Rid of Skunks Under my Shed?

First assess the situation. If you’re not seeing or smelling skunk nightly, it might just be passing through. 

  • Skunks are transient and difficult to trap. Sometimes the best thing to do is wait 2-3 weeks to see if skunks move on naturally.
  • Once the skunks are gone, trench around the area and install skirting 18″ down along slabs or void areas under porches & sheds.
  • If you choose to use your own traps to remove skunks or wildlife from your property, make sure you are setting them properly to avoid being sprayed.
  • Learn ODFW requirements on what to do with a captured animal to ensure the most responsible outcome for the animal & environment.

Because skunk control can be technically advanced (and potentially dangerously stinky) you may choose to contact an experienced professional. 

How to Deter Skunks Naturally

The first step to naturally deter skunks & nuisance wildlife is limiting any food and habitat that may be encouraging them.

  • Unsecured compost, pet food, bird seed, chicken scratch, fruit trees and garden veggies are part of their complete breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Without consistent or abundant food sources, wildlife like skunks, rats and raccoons will look elsewhere.
  • Piles of yard debris, wood storage, and unused masonry should be reduced or removed. Dense areas of thick shrubs and vegetation should be limited.
  • Consider removing old play structures, sheds, or other vacant enclosed areas where pests & wildlife love to live.

You may even choose to replace dense exotic evergreens in your landscaping where pests hide with native habitat. Native shrubs with tall natural forms like Oregon grape, mock orange, salmonberry, oceanspray and blue elderberry attract more of the birds and pollinators that you want— and less of the nuisance wildlife you don’t!

Wild Animal Management. 

Skunk Exclusion

We’re trusted Portland wildlife control pros, completely licensed by ODFW for skunk & wild animal control, and CCB to seal wildlife entry points to prevent issues in the future.

If skunks are causing you distress, contact your local wildlife control expert today. We’ll develop a compassionate wildlife management strategy that solves your issue in the best way possible.

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Wildlife Control Facts & Tips:

  • Skunks are omnivores, and love fallen fruit, garbage, grubs, worms, and insects.
  • Avoid storing items and yard debris next to sheds and other structures on concrete slabs where urban skunks love to den.
  • Inspect under your porch and patio voids regularly and seal any gaps greater than 1/4″ with wood or metal.
  • Avoid leaving gaps between 1/4″ & 2″ in size — which can create an area that is safe for rats, where cats and other predators cannot hunt in.
  • Burrow entries may need a skirting installed into an 18″ trench to prevent future burrow entry.

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