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In springtime raccoon removal companies in Portland are busy. Raccoons in eaves, crawlspaces & play structures send homeowners searching for wild animal control. Folks with small children and pets worry that raccoons might attack them or give them rabies. 

Are Raccoons Dangerous?

It depends. Individual raccoons have different personalities. Some are nice and docile, while others are very mean and aggressive. If you have small pets who think they’re big, it’s probably best to leave those pets inside when you have an active raccoon resident during springtime.

Luckily, raccoons probably won’t give you rabies. Rabies is extremely rare in Oregon. According to the OHA, bats are the main carrier species. Skunks and raccoons are not known to spread rabies in Portland Oregon like in other parts of the US.

How To Get Rid of Raccoons

If you need to get rid of raccoons in your crawlspace or eaves, start by removing any pet or bird food that may be attracting them. Secure any trash receptacles and remove fallen fruit.

You can monitor the entry point with a crumpled up plastic garbage bag. Place the bag in the entry point and later if it’s pushed inwards you know the raccoon is probably still “home.” If the paper bag is pushed outwards, then the raccoon has probably left.

If you’re no longer hearing noises, having sightings and you have a high level of confidence you’ve evicted the raccoon, then seal the entry point will well secured steel mesh or metal flashing. Raccoons have incredible strength and opposable thumbs and can remove loosely placed exclusion with ease.

If you’re looking for assistance with responsible, humane raccoon control in Portland Oregon, contact us today.

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Raccoon Control Facts & Tips:

  • Raccoons are not strictly nocturnal. Daytime sightings are not necessarily a cause for concern.
  • Raccoons have strange cleanly habits like “washing” their food,
  • And going to bathroom in the same area, referred to as a raccoon latrine.
  • Raccoons leave distinctive scratch marks on fences, trees and structures they climb, which can be helpful for monitoring and excluding raccoon access.

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