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Mouse Control for Portland OR

Mouse & Rodent Removal Services

For Portland mouse control, folks turn to electric traps, store-bought bait stations & stuffing steel wool into entry points. If you’ve tried a few things that aren’t working or if you need an effective Integrated Pest Management solution for mouse control, Pest & Pollinator is here to help.

How Do I Keep Mice Away?

Many folks would prefer for house mice to just leave instead of controlling them lethally. We understand. To keep mice away from your home and yard, start by removing any habitat where they like to hide.

  • Firewood storage, yard debris, and dense vegetation along the ground create safe harborage for mice. Move any items stored along sides of garages, home and fence lines to eliminate or reduce hiding places for mice.
  • Gardens and fruit trees should be harvested regularly to eliminate food sources. Dropped bird seed and exterior pet kibbles provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for rodents who love to hoard food back in their nest.
  • Compost bins & chicken coops should be enclosed, especially along the bottom, to prevent mice from burrowing in.

Unfortunately, mice are so small their entry points often evade human detection by even the most experienced mouse exterminators. Any obvious gaps such as under garage doors or damaged foundations vents should be sealed with quarter-inch mesh to prevent the honest mouse from easily breaching your home.


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Pest Control for Mice in the Home

Integrated Pest Management for mice control in the house starts with monitoring and eliminating hiding places and food sources around the home. If you’re still having mouse issues inside, regular mouse snap traps are recommended by trusted Portland mouse exterminators.

If the issue still doesn’t resolve, you may need a professional mouse & rodent control service to inspect and provide further treatment. For safe, eco-friendly and effective mouse removal, feel free to contact Pest & Pollinator today.

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Mouse Control Facts & Tips:

  • House mice love the smell of coffee.
  • They have a habit of hoarding pet food & bird seed inside insulated winter boots, stored in unsecured garages.
  • Mice are adept climbers, and will enter attics and wall voids with ease.
  • Sometimes a mouse might enter the attic or wall void to avoid a rat moving into the crawlspace, since rats are predators of mice.
  • When trapping for mice, use 1/8 tsp of peanut butter for bait.
  • A house mouse rarely forages more than 25′ from their nest, so traps should be placed as close as possible.
  • House mice are not known carriers of hanta virus, but deer mice are.

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