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Rodent pest control keeps Portland rat exterminators busy. Like other invasive species, left unchecked, mice, Norway rats and roof rats can multiply out of control. And quickly. We may not like to think about it, but rat control is essential for human health and safety.

What diseases do rats carry?

According to the CDC, rats can carry & transmit hantavirus (roof rats), hemorrhagic fever with renal symptoms, leptospirosis, tuleremia, bartonella, plague, salmonella and other diseases. 

We seldom think about rat bourn illness. But for many with aging foundations & roofs this could be a serious issue if not for professional rodent control services. 

Will Rats Just Go Away?


Unfortunately, probably not. Rats are an environmental issue. Their foraging range is about 3 city blocks. If rats find a consistent food source within that area, each rat is capable of multiplying by 10 every two months.

Many experience this firsthand. Nearby neighbors that feed squirrels & wildlife may not realize they’re causing rodents to proliferate.

Portland Rat Control.   

Rat & Rodent Removal Portland Oregon

If you’re searching for mice and rat control in and around the house, chances are you’ve exceeded your tolerance for those neighborhood rodents. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that rats and mice are much more common in the environment than they suspect.

At first a daytime rat sighting might be a novel moment of urban wildlife viewing. But if you’re seeing rats in the backyard during the day, there’s a problem nearby. It’s best to be proactive to prevent rats before they reproduce out of control and cause damage. We’ll create a custom Integrated Pest Management strategy for rats around your home, designed for optimal safety for people, pets, and wildlife.

We treat every situation like our own home; with care, caution and thoroughness. Don’t worry about rat control around the home, call Pest & Pollinator today.

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Rat Control Facts & Tips:

  • Rats are so smart, they will learn to avoid traps if they observe another rat in a trap.
  • They can pass this knowledge to other rats.
  • Rats and mice are avid hoarders of food, and will carry bird seeds, kibbles, garden veggies and other foods back to their nests if there is an abundance.
  • Rats are predators of mice, so a mouse in the kitchen might mean it’s avoiding a rat that moved into the attic or crawlspace.
  • It is thought that gerbils, marmots & roof rats, not Norway rats were a transmission source of the medieval Black Death plague.
  • In Portland, rat control for roof rats has increased notably since the year 2010.

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