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Seal Rodent Entry Points

Rodent Entry-point Repair & Sealing Services, Portland Oregon

Sealing rodent entry points, also known as “rodent exclusion,” is a specialty service. Other home service contractors may not realize that minor gaps in construction could leave your home totally vulnerable to rodents. A pest exclusion professional will identify rodent entry points and use metal materials to permanently seal holes & gaps in construction to prevent future rodent & wildlife incursions into the home.

How To Seal Rodent Entry Points


Often rat entry points into the home are visible to a trained pest control professional. Damaged foundation vents, chewed dormer corners, and gaps along the mud sill are the most common areas for rats to enter.

Carefully inspect these areas and anywhere construction materials meet a different material. Commonly, a gap between concrete and wood, shingles, or plastic siding materials create a entry point for rats. To seal these difficult areas, research which fasteners are best for each material, and use the appropriate fasteners. Special tools may also be required. Be aware, if any gap greater than a quarter inch is left, rodents will likely re-enter over time.

How To Get Rid of Rat Burrows 

Increasingly Portland rat control companies are finding rat burrow holes in yards, parking strips, along driveways and crawlspaces. Once established, these smooth, softball sized rat holes are likely to reopen periodically even when filled. Norway rats are burrowing animals, whose burrow systems extend from these entry holes into the sewers, under slabs, rocks, tree roots and other unknown habitat niches underground. Once dug out and excavated, the burrows remain open until natural soil erosion, settling or some other process closes them.

Use small diameter pea gravel from the hardware store to fill any burrow openings you find outside. Use a rod or stick to pack a small amount at a time as deeply into the burrow as possible. Keep more pea gravel on hand in case it reopens and you need to get rid of the rat burrow again. Anticipate intermittent periods of no activity, but monitor regularly and fill as needed to keep rat burrows closed for good.

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How To Seal Mouse Entry Points 

Unlike rat entry points, mouse entry points are often undetectable even to an experienced rodent exterminator. Tiny burrows under the foundation, gaps under garage door seals, between framing, and along plumbing pipes or conduits create small entry points for mice in the home. As always, use Integrated Pest Management for mice to relieve inward mouse pressure towards the home.

Inspect along your foundation and gutter line for any gaps. Preventative home maintenance including regular roof inspections and repairs is the best way to seal mouse entry points. Clean gutters regularly to prevent separation along the fascia and roof board. Once certain areas begin to separate and open, they can be difficult to seal off from rodents without extensive home repairs.

If you’ve had mouse or rat exclusion and are still having issues, or are interested in rodent hole repair services, give us a call. We’ll determine the root cause of rodent issues, seal any rodent entry points we can & get your home rodent free.

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Rodent Exclusion Facts & Tips:

  • Rats have razor sharp teeth with the ability to chew through nearly any material including solid wood, concrete, heavily compacted dirt, and sometimes even softer metals like aluminum.
  • Always use Integrated Pest Management for rodents to control rats and mice naturally.
  • Some homes due to old construction or subterranean burrow entry into the crawlspace, are extremely diffuclt to seal permanently from rodents entering.
  • If you’re getting your roof replaced, you may need to specify to roofers that you’ll need rodents sealed out, in addition to water. Have them use metal materials for any vent covers installed.
  • Inspect foundation vents after having AC or cable installed and have any damaged vents repaird right away.
  • Don’t bother plugging up rodent holes or gaps along the interior of the home. To effectively seal rodent entry points, your goal must be to seal them from breaching the exterior “shell” of your home.

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