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Squirrel control in Portland attics is an increasing issue. Invasive Eastern gray squirrels and fox squirrels have pushed out Portland’s native tree squirrel species because they’re more aggressive, and reproduce faster.

Why Does Portland Need Squirrel Control?

Now invasive squirrels compete amongst themselves for limited available habitat. This same aggressive behavior and competition is what causes invasive squirrels to chew their way into your attic and start causing damage.

Squirrels can damage electrical wiring and increase risk of fire, and they can chew through solid wood or sheetrock. Their entry points create access for starlings and roof rats.

How to Get Affordable Squirrel Control in Portland

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a squirrel colonizing your attic, you need a squirrel control company with excellent customer service to take the squirrel removal & exclusion to completion. We have the experience and the attention to detail to wrap up your squirrel issue fast. Afterwards, we’ll get the hole patched up permanently so it doesn’t happen again.

Invasive squirrel control is an unfortunate necessity resulting from human development, but also helps with native wildlife conservation. Read more about habitat conservation for native species like Douglas and Western gray squirrels below, or contact us now for a free squirrel control inspection today.

5 Things You Need To Know About Squirrel Removal

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Portland Squirrel Control Facts & Tips:

  • Eastern gray squirrels were introduced to Salem Oregon in 1912. Fox squirrels were introduced about a decade later.
  • Both species can displace native squirrel species in less than ten years!
  • In Oregon it is illegal to relocate invasive squirrel species,
  • This is to prevent spreading invasive species to new habitats & preserve biodiversity.
  • Inspect your gutter line and dormer corners for squirrel entry points.
  • Once humane squirrel removal is complete, entry points should be sealed with metal flashing.

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