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Tree of Heaven Control

Getting Rid of Tree of Heaven

Getting rid of tree of heaven is advanced level invasive species control. Its persistent, seemingly immortal roots respond to any disturbance by budding and growing more roots and shoots.

How to Eradicate Tree of Heaven

Small seedlings can be carefully hand pulled–like dandelions or any other weeds. But if any root is left–it will resprout.

If you try to eradicate tree of heaven sprouts by simply pulling them, and find they come back year after year,  you have root suckers.

Don’t attempt to eradicate tree-of-heaven suckers by cutting or pulling them.

If it is from a full size tree, dead tree on your property, or if you have saplings that have grown large, you might need to consider a careful, well-timed, and ecologically responsible herbicide treatment for tree of heaven.

Consider replacing dead tree of heaven with native species like Oregon white oak or Ponderosa pine

Best Herbicide for Tree of Heaven

If your Integrated Pest Management plan requires chemical control for tree of heaven, triclopyr or glyphosate are recommended. Triclopyr is an herbicide designed for broadleaf & woody vegetation.

Because tree of heaven herbicide control requires high concentrations, it should always be done by a licensed professional with proper equipment & training.

The professional will asses each situation, and make a targeted application to specific cuts to the tree. We do not spray, herbicides will be directly applied to the stem.

Since there is no overspray, hazards to pollinators, beneficial insects, plants and microbes are significantly minimized.

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Does Roundup Kill Tree of Heaven?

Yes, Roundup can kill tree of heaven. The active ingredient, glyphosate is a systemic herbicide that will kill the tree down to the roots if applied correctly.

To apply it correctly to trees and saplings, you need a solution of Roundup Super concentrate. And even the smallest bottle contains enough to make 23 gallons of herbicide solution.

So consider the costs of hiring a pro vs. storing or disposing of unused herbicides.

New Eco-Safe Solutions.   

Killing Tree of Heaven Roots

We’ve developed a good way to kill tree of heaven down to the roots. Yes, it involves chemical, but our techniques effectively manage hazards to pollinators & the ecosystem to safe levels. Pest & Pollinator specializes in providing innovative solutions to invasive species management with IPM.

Sometimes invasive species aren’t worth doing anything about. Sometimes they are. If you’re ready to do something about tree of heaven, get in touch, and we’ll manage it safely and affordably for the ecosystem and you.

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Tree of Heaven Facts & Tips:

  • Tree of heaven roots are so vigorous they can destroy homes foundations.
  • Tree of Heaven was introduced to the West coast in the 19th century as a shade tree.
  • It grows in a variety of harsh conditions; desert, dry, hot, poor soils, and in wet climates like the Pacific Northwest.
  • It is resistant to a variety of insects and diseases.
  • Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive pest discovered in the US in 2014, feeds on a wide variety of crops including corn, soy & wine grapes, but prefers tree of heaven as its main host.

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