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Tree Treatment Portland OR

Why Is My Tree Dying?

Drought stress, invasive pests & extreme weather. Soil degradation from mismanagement, pollution, compaction. Truth is a combination of these factors–and more–can cause your plants health to suddenly decline.

Tree Pest Control

For that reason, spraying tree insecticide or fungicide is not usually helpful long-term. You need a service that works with natural microbes in the soil, instead of disrupting them.

Eco-Friendliest in the Northwest. 

Neem Treatment for Plants

Harness the power of neem oil. Neem is well known for its effective insect repelling & anti-growth & feeding properties. It works on plant feeding fungi, insects & nematodes and helps keep nitrogen in the soil available for your plants.

Neem is safe, natural, and is effective against a wide range tree and shrub pests. We use the power of neem, along with all-natural plant fertilizers & medicines to keep your plants strong, healthy and resistant to pests and diseases.

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Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Are you looking for emerald ash borer tree treatment? We provide natural treatment for plant feeding insects including emerald ash borer. Call us for a quote today.

Organic Tree Care.   

Natural Aphid Control

Sticky honeydew on your deck and cars? Get natural, organic aphid control with us. We help control aphids in trees to prevent problems with honeydew in the summer.

Elm Leaf Beetle Control

Worried about dutch elm disease spreading to your elm trees? Ask us about our organic tree treatments that help control the elm leaf beetles that spread dutch elm disease.

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Tree Treatment Facts & Tips

  • Trees have natural immune systems that can get weakened just like ours.
  • Drought stress, wild weather, invasive pests, and poor soil conditions are common causes for weakened plant immune systems.
  • Aloe vera and other plants containing salicylic acid can help stimulate plant’s natural immune responses.
  • Chitin, the compound in insect exoskeletons, can also help to encourage trees & shrubs natural immune system.
  • Some scientists believe this is due to the tree “thinking” that insects are feeding on it due to detecting the chitin around the roots.

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