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Mole & Gopher Control Portland OR

Mole and Gopher Removal

Searching for help controlling moles or gophers in the yard? Are you frustrated with big mole hills of soil in your yard or lawn, or gopher holes by dug up plants? Let us help you. We offer attentive Integrated Pest Management services for moles and gophers to keep your yard happy. Whether for a one time treatment, or recurring services, we specialize in ecologically responsible mole & gopher control for Portland Oregon.

How Do I Get Rid of Moles in My Yard?

Successful mole control begins with a complete understanding of their biology and habitats. When moles come out in the spring or move around throughout the year, they leave visible damage to turf, gardens and along patios and structures.


  • Begin by stomping down any new damage that you notice. This will allow you to monitor if the mole creates additional damage. Avoid over-irrigating your lawn or garden to discourage an abundance of earthworms. That might cause an abundance of moles in search of worms.
  • If trapping becomes necessary, traps must be set properly into the burrow with the trigger paddle centered above the debris exit. Soil should be backfilled underneath the trigger paddle to encourage a successful capture.

Gopher vs Vole vs Mole

While many are familiar with mole hills in the yard, how can you tell between mole, vole, and gopher damage?

Moles are mostly insectivores, whose diet comprises mostly earthworms, grubs and soil dwelling insects. They live mostly their entire life underground.

Gophers are larger than moles and eat plants. So they are more inclined to exit their burrow systems in search of nutritious vegetation and roots. In the spring, look for raised tunnels in the ground, which are sometimes visible as the snow melts, called “eskers.” Gopher’s burrow systems have visible exit holes, whereas mole burrows do not.

Vole holes are distinctively small, with smooth round appearance. Voles, aka field mice, are also mostly herbivorous like gophers, preferring seeds, roots and fresh vegetation. In fact, the smooth appearance around their exit holes is due to them feeding at the easily accessible vegetation from the safety of their burrow. There are typically 2-3 exit holes within a square foot, they use to avoid and escape predators.

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Mole Control Portland Oregon

We’re trusted Portland mole & gopher control professionals. Let’s take care of your burrowing varmint problems with care and compassion. Contact us for inventive, effective, and punctual mole removal today.

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Mole & Gopher Control Facts & Tips:

  • Three main species of moles in Portland Oregon are shrew mole, coast mole, and Townsend’s mole.
  • The only time a mole might be above ground is after it has weaned and travels about 30′ to new territory.
  • Moles typically are born in late winter and begin making their presence known in late spring or early summer as they create new habitat.
  • Mole tunnels trap their favorite food, earthworms, as they accidentally fall inside.
  • Pocket gophers can apparently be agressive if cornered.
  • The name pocket gopher comes from the pouches within their cheeks used to transport food.
  • Inspect your garden regularly for displaced plants and carefully replant them to control gopher damage.

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