Ant Removal Services, Portland Oregon

Are you sick and tired of sugar ants in your home? But you’re suspicious of pesticides for ant extermination? We understand. With a background & services in ecosystems regeneration, we know the real risk insecticides pose to bees, beneficials and pollinators.

Pollinator Safe Ant Removal Services

We have the knowledge of pollinator biology & ecology to avoid hazards to pollinators & beneficial insects. Most ant issues can be solved with a few grams of gel formulated bait and/or foam, placed safely inside existing cracks, crevices and access to wall voids of the home. 

It’s safe for you, your family, pets, pollinators & the environment. And you’ll finally get rid of small ants in the home. We also do carpenter ant removal with the highest level of pollinator safety in the industry.

Ant Removal Services + Plant Health Boost

Quarterly spraying for ants while pests aren’t present isn’t part of Integrated Pest Management. So instead we offer regular inspections (with crack, crevices & wall void bait treatment when necessary) for recurring ant pest control customers. For you folks, we’ll fertilize your yard for free!

Plant Health Boost is a recurring spray of organic, botanical tree, shrub & garden fertilizers. We’re changing the way we do Portland ant removal services. And that’s why we offer this incredible value for ongoing ant customers at no additional charge.

With plant health boost you’ll decrease plant feeding pests and pathogens, nutrient deficiencies, and increase resistance to drought & climate change. It’s perfectly safe and great for your vegetable garden!

If you’d like to learn more about pollinator safe ant control or Plant Health Boost, feel free to contact Pest & Pollinator today.

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 Ant Control Facts & Tips:

  • Odorous house ants AKA sugar ants have multiple queens, so they can have multiple nests.
  • Odorous house ants love to make nests in strange places in our homes; hot tubs, planted pots, smoke detectors, electrical outlets, plumbing voids and even old DVD cases.
  • Pavement ants make distinctive half-dollar sized volcanos of sand between cracks & gaps in pavement, hence their name.
  • Velvety tree ants smell similar to odorous house ants’ formaldehyde odor when crushed.
  • Velvety tree ants have massive colonies, ranging up to 60,000 in size.

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