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Our mission is to empower the most ecologically responsible pest and habitat management in order to better protect the safety of pollinators, wildlife, people, kids & pets. We believe in actively promoting sustainable practices, climate resilience, regenerative gardening & the connectivity of native ecosystems for a more abundant and biodiverse future.

We aim to achieve this by continually diversifying and expanding knowledge of local ecosystems and the biology of the organisms we want to protect & the ones we want to control. We hope to create new networks for ecologically forward community outreach, education & partnerships.

We provide the environmental experience and industry leading services necessary to help people achieve the healthiest home habitats possible, guaranteed. Our ecologically intuitive pest control, rodent exclusion, soil enrichment, regenerative plant health care & habitat restoration are designed to achieve these objectives. 


In both the habitat restoration and pest control industries, there are many opportunities to change the status quo. We hope to continually improve current urban nuisance & invasive management practices.

Pest & Pollinator LLC will create a new model of managing urban pests that significantly reduces exterior pesticide usage. We will demonstrate the value of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as the guidelines for the safest AND most effective nuisance species management. We can change the way people think about residential, commercial and municipal nuisance and invasive species management.

Environmental outreach to landowners is a necessary element of residential pest control. We will encourage and apply ecologically responsible land management practices. In this way we imagine Pest and Pollinator LLC to form a steel bridge between the pest management and conservation communities. We envision more conversation where it is seldom had in order to create realistic expectations, proactive solutions and safer management strategies. 


We believe that urgent action is needed to address climate change, habitat degradation, loss of biodiversity. Conservation of priceless threatened species and pristine natural resources should be a priority for all. Unfortunately for many industries business as usual often means we are doing more to contribute to these issues than actually fixing them.

Every customer who chooses to work with Pest & Pollinator LLC will be significantly reducing urban pesticide pollution & non-target exposure, promoting healthy ecosystems and contributing to the development of a better, more regenerative pest management system.

Every customer will be invited to become part of the solution even further by opting for soil enrichment, organic plant health care and habitat restoration services. If enough landowners and neighbors enjoy the benefits of a native, biodynamic backyard ecosystems then habitat connectivity will begin to provide natural self-managing services as well as sustainability and climate resilience for the entire community.

-Keith Chaloux, Owner / IPM Specialist

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